Using the calendar

The calendar provides all the court bookings for matches, open (roll up) sessions and other events, as well as a means of finding other players interested in a game and booking courts for play and practice. It also indicates when the lawn is closed due to bad weather or for grounds maintenance.

As well as being visible here on the website, it can be accessed from a web browser on a PC, or an app or browser on a smart phone or tablet. An iCalendar feed can also be integrated into your preferred electronic calendar whether this be in Outlook, Google or some other system.

The first thing you will need is the special link that gives you access and identifies you as the user. Get this from our Membership Secretary Bill Runacre. Once you have access you can:

  • See when the lawn is available
  • Book your use of the lawn
  • Advertise a time when you’d like to play a game
  • See when maintenance activities are taking place
  • See dates for other events (eg open days, club events)
  • Sign up for a Roll up session (max 8 players)

All members can add new entries and modify existing ones. Different colours give a visual indication of the type of activity shown

AC full lawn (blue) – GC full lawn (black) – Anyone for a game (pink) – Lawn care (green) and other events (brown).

Introducing the Croquet Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions