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Croquet relies on touch, accuracy and tactics rather than speed and strength, so it’s playable by anyone of any age on equal terms. There are several different forms of croquet, but the two main ones played in the UK are Association Croquet and Golf Croquet.

The two games use the same equipment, and many people enjoy playing each. Golf Croquet is a game of accurate ball placement and straight hitting, so has much in common with golf. Association Croquet allows bonus shots, and is similar to snooker or pool. Both games reward strategic planning, and include a handicap system. This allows a smart player the chance to outfox an opponent, no matter what their level of physical expertise.

When it comes to use of courts, coaching and match play, Caversham CC gives equal weight to Association Croquet (AC) and Golf Croquet (GC), the two branches of the game. Both are played as singles or doubles. They use transferable basic shot making skills though some players develop a preference for one or the other.

AC is the older format, the one many remember from childhood games involving putting your foot on your ball to rocket your opponent’s into the flowerbed. Though this is totally forbidden today the modern game does include elements from the original, notably the need to plot your way around the course.

Unlike AC, where competitors progress by building breaks (sequences of shots), then spend time on the sidelines while their opponents do the same, GC players are on court all the time.

AC and GC use handicap systems, with free turns awarded to lesser players. This means that players can compete in handicap games with an even chance of winning. Some take the game very seriously, but many club members look on it as a great way to spend a sunny summer afternoon – or even a damp winter one because our lawn is open whenever the weather permits.

This part of the site explains a bit more about what each game involves, and gives you some detail on the history of the game’s origins.

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