Keeping personal information up to date

The information which you enter about yourself is visible to other logged in members of the club and so should be accurate. You will also need to update your information on the CA website. Changes to handicaps and contact information should be correct in both places.

You should make sure that the information held for you is up to date by logging in and editing the various fields which show up when you go to “Member/Edit your profile” and then clicking on the “Update Profile ” button. You can go to “Member/List of Members” to see how the information is presented.

You might also go to to set up a “Gravatar” for yourself. This is to store an image which will then appear on the members list and can be especially helpful for newcomers.

Alternatively you will see a message in the top right corner of this window where it says “Hi, <your name>”, hover over that text and click on the “Edit my profile” button or just click on the ” Hi, <your name>” text. This will take you to a page with basic information at the top and at the bottom “WP-Members Additional Fields”. After changing things then click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page. This allows you to personalise other aspects of the website but is more complicated and some find it confusing.