Gareth puts Caversham on the map in Chester!

A great performance from Gareth Hobby to secure him the runner-up position in the CA All England AC Handicap Finals at Chester last weekend of Sept 16/17th.

He gives an enthusiastic account of his most interesting game;

I was playing against Bryan Harral who has a handicap of -0.5.  We’d played in Surbiton when I had two more bisques and had used them all to basically keep him off the lawn.  This time, he had his tactics worked out.  I put him in first, but found myself 11 hoops down before I’d even got my second ball into play – it was a pleasure to watch such controlled play as he took his ball round in a three-ball break.

I had no option but to burn bisques, used two and a half of them to set up a four ball break and then another three to take my first ball round to Rover.  I then scattered the four balls to close to the four corners as my ‘leave’.

After Bryan narrowly missed his 40 yard hit-in, I then burnt more bisques, using a further three to again setup a four ball break.  I was playing really well but needed all my remaining bisques to take my second ball to Rover, run the peel (as per the photos) and successfully peg both balls out.

Poor Bryan had played a perfect game, but still ended up losing by 15 hoops – it can be a cruel game.

Gareth sets up his first ever Rover peel and then puts it through to peg out both balls and win the match from 11 points down before playing his second shot!

Gareth (14H) won 4 out his 5 matches, as did the winner, but the match he lost was to the final winner Anne Alvey (12H). They each had an equal number, 30, of winning hoops. Gareth now comes down to a 12 Handicap. The 2 day final was played in a 5 round Swiss Format (first game a random draw, then winner played winner, loser played loser) 26 point games limited to 2.5 hours and full bisques from a base of 10 used.

Winners, Robbers, and Radio Silence

All in a day on Sat 9th Sept.

Where there’s a Will there’s a double Winner!

Point of Order. GC Singles Final. Will with Referee Brian Jamieson preventing a crushing defeat for Pam.

Many thanks to Brian Jamieson, recovering from recent surgery to his hand, for dedicating a whole day to being on the lawn – first to Referee the Final of our GC Singles Competition, during which Will learned a thing or two about crushes and double hits! – and then to doing an interview on Hospital Radio Reading about our links to the Southern Croquet Association, amongst other topics discussed.

A friend gave me this old Croquet Association Handbook from 1949 so whilst the Broadcast was running a few of us tried to figure out the Rules for Robber Croquet. It is a version of what is better known as Pirates. I think this could be a fun game to include more people on the lawn at some our our event days. More anon!

And finally .. before Members Day on 29th.

Whilst Caversham gets busy with Reading Festival goers our Club Competitions have reached their final rounds with Pam Briggs due to play Will Watson in the GC Singles, Jane Probitts and Gareth Hobby to play Anne Small and Will Watson in the GC Doubles, and Charles Briggs to play Chris Barnard in the Winslow Cup.

Prizegiving will be at 3pm on Members Day but all Members are invited to come whenever they can during the day bringing with them whatever they need in order to enjoy a relaxing time both on and off the lawn.

Last year’s GC Doubles Winners – Pam and Stella.

“The sun was shining, the company was good and the lawns ran true”

Reports Gareth Hobby from his weekend at Surbiton playing in the All England Regional AC Finals.

Still smiling!

His 5 wins in 5 games put him top of the scorecard and has earned him a place in the All England AC Finals to be played in Chester in September. And his handicap has come down – to 14!

Gareth promises to send us a (new) photo from Chester where he will be competing against 7 others for the National Title.

Good Luck and congratulations on getting this far.

The Smalls in season’s 5-0 final triumph at Aldermaston

Tim and Anne Small on their return from a successful Final Match for Caversham B Team against Aldermaston.

Jane Probitts, our GC Team Manager is pleased to report; “Success at Aldermaston … again!” All three of our single court teams won against Aldermaston and we’ve finished the season in the top 3 spots of the league. My thanks to Carol for gently guiding me through the season and most especially my appreciation to all our players who’ve done a fantastic job and hopefully enjoyed their games enough to have another go next year.”

And thanks to Jane too on her tireless efforts to keep all our GC Teams present and correct at each of this season’s many matches, both home and away.

Final Reminder!

Only 2 weeks to go before each of our internal competitions must have a winner before prize-giving on Members Day August 29th.

So far:

Winslow Cup Final is due between Chris Barnard and Charles Briggs.

G.C. Singles. Linda Allan is due to play Will Watson in one of the semi finals – the other yet to be determined.

G.C. Doubles. Anne Small and Will Watson are through to the finals but await the result of the other semi final.

D Team Winners.

Caversham D have triumphed in the SCF One Court Advantage League in their first year in the competition. Congratulations to John Walker, Pam Briggs, Judy Reddy and Chris Barnard for coming top of the League.

Despite losing their Match against Basingstoke Cavaliers on Thursday August 3rd the Team beat Caversham C, Caversham B and Basingstoke Roundheads to take top place in the League this season.

Judy being watched closely by Chris at Aldermaston.

We now await to see if Caversham B can win at Aldermaston on Friday August 18th.

David goes to Blewbury

Me Running Hoop

We are very sorry to have received our News Author’s resignation from the Club on August 1st but wish him well running hoops at his new croquet home in Blewbury.

News items may not now be so immediate, so well written, or so entertaining as David’s have been since we set up this website. But a big thank you to him from all of his readers for keeping us so well posted for so long.