Thunderbolts and lightning… very, very frightening

There was a dramatic early finish to Caversham’s GC Handicap League fixture at Phyllis Court yesterday.

The threat of an apocalyptic storm sent the players scurrying for cover at the start of the final block of matches.

With lightning flashing, those with metal or metal-tipped mallets fled the fastest.

Then enough rain fell in ten minutes to leave the Henley lawns flooded (above) and no possibility of a resumption.

Caversham — who started the match 32 hoops behind through the Advantage system — had just fought back from 6-2 in arrears at the halfway stage to level the rubber by winning all the third block of games.

Now the clubs have to decide how to rescue their chances of picking up some league points despite the wash-out.

Caversham team boss Jane Probitts said: “We are planning to play the remaining four games at some point but it will need both teams to field the same players, otherwise we will have to replay the match or agree the result as a draw.”

Above: Anne Small clinches a hard-fought win by hooping her black at the 15th. Right: The scorecard from the aborted match.