Anne goes all AC-GC to roll into the England finals

Anne Small clinched a place in the area finals of the All-England GC handicap competition when she won the Caversham heat on Sunday.

Anne (right) fought back from 4-2 down to beat David Dibben 7-6 in the final (pictured below).

She did so thanks to a sensational long-range roll shot — borrowed from the AC code — which left both of her balls in scoring position in front of the ‘golden hoop’.

Our champ now goes forward to the area final at Phyllis Court on July 26th, where her opponents will include David, who also qualified.

Here’s all the results from the Caversham group matches (with Advantage scores in brackets):

Group A: Anne Small (-2) bt Will Watson 7-4; Charles Briggs (-1) bt Pam Briggs (0) 7-4; Pam Briggs (1) bt Anne Small (-1) 7-6; Will Watson (0) bt Charles Briggs (-1) 7-6; Anne Small (-2) bt Charles Briggs (0) 7-4; Pam Briggs (-1) bt Will Watson (0) 7-6.

Group B: Gareth Hobby (0) bt Jill Dibben (1) 7-6; David Dibben (-2) bt Liz Walker (1) 7-5; Liz Walker (0) bt Jill Dibben (0) 7-6; David Dibben (0) bt Gareth Hobby (1) 7-5; Gareth Hobby (0) bt Liz Walker (1) 7-5; David Dibben (-2) bt Jill Dibben (1) 7-6.