Federation handicapper to the rescue at Albert Road

While Caversham’s GC plans for the coming season are well advanced, the AC arrangements are lagging some way behind.


There’s now a behind-the-scenes push to get our players correctly accredited with handicaps before the start of the League season.

The priority is for players with no handicap cards to be assessed as a matter of urgency, and also for those who do have cards to be re- assessed.

With this is mind the Federation’s official handicapper, Richard Peperell has agreed to come to Caversham to do the honours, hopefully alongside club handicapper Mike Kay.

Charles Briggs will be organising our teams in the AC Handicap League and Short Croquet next season.

And those hoping to represent the club in these two codes should expect an imminent call from John Wakeford, who will be trying to organise a date for the handicapping process.