Caversham members back on the croquet lawn

Don’t get excited… they’re mowing, not playing! The Albert Road lawn has had its first cut since the start of the annual maintenance procedure four weeks ago.

As our pictures show, Chris Barnard, Brian Jamieson and Charles Briggs were busy mowing last weekend.

They were assisted by Terry Marsh, who did sone ‘switching’ work on worm-casts.

The rest of our members are grateful to these volunteers for doing the hard graft.

There are still some patchy areas on the lawn, as illustrated (below) by John Wakeford’s images.

Our workers had been confused by the appearance of some dark ‘stripes’ across the lawn but it now seems that these were caused by the overlapping of feeds, giving small areas double treatment.

No date has yet been set for the resumption of play. “Lawn care continues,” said Brian.” But if the rain of the last three days continues the lawn might never re-open!”

We think he was joking, but Brian was one of the victims of a fruitless trip to High Wycombe for three Caversham members seeking some winter tournament action.

The nightmare journey culminated in a re-enactment of the events of Genesis, chapter seven, on the Hazlemere lawns (see below).