Plaudits from the audits for Albert Road event

Yesterday’s evening of coaching and corporate hospitality for the Reading branch of Ernst and Young was voted a huge success.

“The corporate event couldn’t have gone better,” said Judy Reddy, who headed the club’s organisation.

“Our guests from Ernst and Young really got into the spirit of croquet and enjoyed the strategy and tactics during their games. 

First steps: A guest plays her red ball

“We had 12 guests, two of whom were partners.  No one had played the game before but they soon picked it up.

“After a few minutes’ training Tim Small managed to coach three players to attempt the jump shot.  Much to everyone’s surprise they all did it. 

“I think they left feeling happy and glad they came. They all thanked us appreciated our patience and coaching.  It was a real pleasure to coach young people.”

Judy and Tim were joined in the coaching effort at Albert Road by Mike Reddy and John Wakeford.

Our visitors promised to spread and word to other departments within the auditing giant, recommending another session of what is a lucrative source of income for the club.