Wham, bam! Thank you, Pam!

Red alert: Pam Briggs runs another hoop during her stellar debut

Pam Briggs was the hero as Caversham snatched an 8-8 draw in their GC Advantage League match at Littleton yesterday.

Making her debut for the club in this competition, Pam (right) won all of her first three matches.

Team manager Carol Jamieson said: “Pam’s performance was the highlight of our team effort. She was so accurate all day.”

The dropped point in the draw means Caversham will have to rely on Phyllis Court losing their final fixture for us to take the League title.

The final scorecard (below) threw up an obvious anomaly from the first set of matches… Anne Small’s battling 5-4 win.

That match had been in progress for no less than two hours when the team managers decided to call time on it! They agreed that all subsequent games would be subject to a 75-minute time limit.

Honours were even going into the last set of matches. But Anne’s second win of the day —husband Tim had three victories — finally ensured a share of the points.

It’s in the detail: Here’s all the scores, including the tell-tale ‘Ts’ marking the timed-out matches