Keogh makes his Mark before last-hoop heartbreak

Caversham’s Mark Keogh finished a worthy runner-up when the Swindon club hosted their first CA tournament on Friday.

Mark went into the GC final as the only unbeaten player, having won all five of his round-robin games in the national C-level tournament.

But the multi-talent Irishman came unstuck against Gill Bateman, a seven-handicapper from Cheltenham.

Mark said: “Always on the back foot, I managed to come back from 4-6 down to take it to the golden hoop.

“I had the first opportunity to go for the final hoop, turning down an easier clear-out. I overhit, bouncing off the wire, whereas a somewhat softer shot could have left me in the jaws. Gill took the hoop from a reasonably tight angle to lift the trophy.”

Mark is pictured with the champion and Tony Mayer, the Swindon match-day manager