The Small triumphs are always the sweetest

Small miracle: Anne racks up the hoops

Anne and Tim Small both won all four of their matches as Caversham A scored a thumping 12-4 victory at Winchester in their first GC Advantage League match of the season.

Tim’s clean sweep means that his handicap is now cut down to eight — just in time for the local round of the All-England championship!

The four ladies representing the Hampshire club had no answer to the Smalls’ brilliance.

Caversham No.1 Brian Jamieson had to settle for two wins and two defeats but had the satisfaction of clinching the match for his side at the 14th hoop with a stunning long-distance in-off from the boundary line close to halfway.

David Dibben also returned a 50 per cent record on the day, one of his wins coming by the remarkable ‘Advantage’ margin of seven hoops to minus one.