GC Handicap competitions rules

  • The GC Handicap Singles and the GC Handicap Doubles Competitions are single-life knock-out competitions.
  • Matches are to be played on the full lawn.
  • Matches consist of a single 13 point game except the final which will be the best of three 13 point games.

Arranging matches

  • Matches to be played are defined on the draw sheet available in the clubhouse and distributed electronically.
  • Either player may contact their opponent to arrange the match.
  • Matches can be booked up to 14 days in advance on Teamup using the Club events and competitions label.
  • After the game, the winner’s name and score is written onto the sheet posted in the clubhouse and emailed to davedibbo@gmail.com.
  • Results are to be written into handicap cards.

Extra strokes (see GC rule 19)

  • In singles, the player with the higher handicap receives extra strokes equal to the difference in the players’ handicaps.
  • In doubles, the player with the highest handicap receives extra strokes equal to half (rounded up) of the difference in handicap with the player with the lower handicap on the opposing side. Of the remaining two players, the one with the higher handicap receives half (rounded up) of the difference in handicap with the other player.
  • A player with extra strokes must clearly indicate their intention to play an extra stroke before their opponent plays.
  • A player cannot score points for themselves with an extra stroke.
  • No extra strokes are allowed in the extension period of a timed game but are allowed after the extension period if play continues.

Timed games

  • If agreed in advance by both players, a game may be timed to a maximum of 50 minutes.
  • When time is called, an extension period of a further eight turns is played.
  • A timed game is won by the player who has scored the greater number of points when the extension period is completed.
  • If the scores are level, the game is continued until a point is scored.