AC Handicap Singles (Winslow Cup) rules

  • The Winslow Cup is a single life knock-out competition.
  • Matches are played using normal handicap rules. Results to go on handicap cards.
  • Matches are as defined on the draw sheet available in the clubhouse and distributed electronically.
  • Either player can arrange the match.
  • Matches are booked on Teamup using the Club events and competitions category and can be made up to 14 days in advance.
  • Matches before the semi-final will be shortened 14 point handicap games (see below) played on a full lawn over a maximum of 1 hour 50 minutes.
  • Semi-final and final matches, matches are 26 point handicap games played over 3 hours or 3¼ hours if double banked.
  • If neither player has pegged out both their balls in the time allotted for the game, the game is won by the player who has scored the greater number of points.
  • After the game, the winner’s name and score is written onto the sheet posted in the clubhouse and emailed to

14 point croquet v 26 point croquet

  • 26 point croquet requires the winning side to make each of their balls score 12 hoop points and a peg point, a total of 26 points, before the other side.
  • 14 point croquet is a shortened game which consists of a single circuit of the 6 hoop points plus the peg point for each ball.
  • All the rules of association croquet apply to both versions.

Handicap play

  • Note that in all forms of handicap play, the striker may not peg out the striker’s ball unless the partner ball is a Rover or an adversary’s ball has been pegged out.
  • Because 14 point croquet is a shortened game, a reduced number of bisques apply. See Schedule 1: Schedule of Bisques, reproduced in part below.