Kind Stella planning to do her bit for Ukrainian refugees

Caversham member Stella Kendall has won the admiration of her club colleagues by offering to share her home with Ukrainian refugees.

Stella has agreed to give sanctuary at her home in Checkendon to a mother and child from the war-torn eastern European country following the invasion by Russia.

At the moment progress of her kind offer — made through both official government channels and a local church initiative — has stalled.

But Stella said: “I have a large spare room and a separate bathroom for whoever comes. I think a mother and primary school age child would work if they don’t mind sharing a room on the first floor.

“I am happy to have someone with a little English who is willing to learn. The garden is suitable to play in.

“Or I could take an older couple if they could manage the stairs and had a little English. My only other language is French, which is unlikely to be useful. But I hope to hear something soon.”