Here’s your chance for some top-level coaching

Caversham’s Grade 1 coach Brian Jamieson is to launch a short coaching course on AC strategy and tactics, designed for higher handicappers (15+), over the spring and early summer.

Brian (right) said: “The wider aim is to increase the pool of members who are
equipped to play competitive AC, whether in Caversham teams in SCF leagues or as
individuals in local and internal tournaments. The course will focus on improving
players’ decisions and tactics on the croquet court, in particular starting a break and keeping it going. Also, taking rational decisions when things go wrong.”

Topics will include:

  • The simplicity of a four-ball break
  • Other breaks
  • In a rush.
  • Use of bisques
  • Starting a break.
  • The passing of Aunt Emma.
  • Colourless balls.
  • Brian added: “The course is not about improving personal skills. This is best achieved through hours of individual practice or with a friend.

“The course will consist of five one-hour sessions. The timing – whether during the day or in evenings, or weekdays rather than weekends — will depend on the composition of the small group and their availability. Not all sessions need be on the same day of the week or at the same time.

“I can take a maximum of five members on this course. I am happy to discuss the relevance of the course to any individual member’s needs before they make a commitment.”

If you are interested, and fit the bill, please email the coach at by April 20th.