Champ’s soccer-style transfer tug-o’-war

Chris Pegrum

Caversham’s AC champion Chris Pegrum is pondering over a move to a new club.

Chris, who beat Charles Briggs in a thrilling Winslow Cup final last summer, said: “In my current situation and club allegiances, I am in a weird limbo at the moment.”

The young actuary has a new job in Amersham but is still living with his parents just round the corner from the Albert Road lawn.

But he said: “I have found a flat in Chorleywood that I liked and put in an offer, so touch wood I will be moving over there in a few months.

“Given what’s happened over the past few weeks I am starting to believe that mortgage payments will be cheaper than what I am currently spending on petrol commuting to work from Caversham.

“At that point I think I will probably want to join the Wycombe club, although I actually think Watford might be slightly closer.”

The Tottenham fan added: “Maybe I should let them both know I’m interested in a transfer and see which one pays the bigger bucks to secure such a star signing.

“I haven’t decided yet whether to continue my membership at Caversham to play the odd game when I’m in the area visiting my parents, but I might do.”

Chris’s immediate targets are to represent the club in Champion of Champions tournament at Hamptworth and the Wessex Shield at Winchester.