Competitions 2018

Southern Croquet Federation leagues

This year we are participating in the GC One Court Clubs Handicap League and the AC Handicap League (North), both for the first time.

Support during these matches is always welcome. Details of our fixtures and results can be found here.

GC match against Winslow

Our final and twice postponed match eventually took place at home on Wednesday 15th August. Resting on the result was Caversham’s position in the one court handicap league. Could we top the league in its inaugural year by winning this match? Our team for the match, John and Peter were quietly confident but would our opponents from Winslow allow it? We started well by winning the doubles. A break for lunch, ably prepared by Carol set us up for the afternoon singles. The first two games were shared – we needed just one more game to win. With the prize in sight, we raised our game and came away with a 4-1 victory and with it, the distinction to be league champions. Congratulations then to all our players and especially our captain Brian who organised not only all the matches but also was responsible for the excellent preparation of the court for our home matches.

AC match against Blewbury

We prepared hard for this match which unfortunately never materialised.

AC match against Phyllis Court

The team were immaculately kitted out in whites for our first visit to the riverside location of Phyllis Court. The day was sunny and the courts in beautiful condition and extremely fast. We quickly found out that the hoops were set tighter than we were accustomed meaning that blobbing was the frequent outcome if attempting to run from greater than a yard. Despite playing against very experienced opposition, we managed to come away with a creditable result, losing 1-3. We were treated to drinks at the bar by the Phyllis Court team after the match. We all agreed that it had been a very worthwhile experience.

AC match against High Wycombe

At last we had an AC home match with the opportunity to take advantage of local knowledge of the unique features of our lawn. So went the theory. Our team was Michael Kay, Ian Smith, Peter Adams and Bob Eales. Everyone put up a good show but unfortunately home advantage slipped through our fingers and we went down 1-3. Tea and cakes were enjoyed by all though.

GC Match versus Aldermaston

The AWE at Aldermaston provided the setting for Caversham’s first league win of the year. Peter Adams and Bob Eales were not daunted by the annihilation suffered in previous contests and recorded a satisfying 4-1 victory. The opening doubles match was lost but following a hearty lunch in the AWE RecSoc restaurant, we came out and proved unbeatable in all four singles games. Indeed Bob was seen to execute a flawless jump shot which even he didn’t know he was capable of. A surgical strike indeed.

AC Match versus Eynsham

Four lambs set off for Eynsham full of optimism — and were duly slaughtered. Even though we went down 0-4, some honour was saved by all lambs scoring at least ten hoop points. This was a learning experience.

AC Match versus Oxford University

Our inaugural AC league match was held against Oxford University in the Oxford University Parks. It was timetabled for 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning, a time when we felt we would have a distinct advantage over the students. This proved to be true for Michael Kay who achieved a notable victory over the Oxford captain, Mark van Loon by 17 points. John Wakeford did hold out until the final few minutes of his match before going down by 2 points. However, Brian Jamieson and Peter Adams clearly did not benefit from the early start and were easily vanquished by youth. The match result was 1-3 in favour of the university team. By way of recompense, our opponents treated us to food and drink at a local hostelry before our return to Reading.

GC Match versus Dogmersfield

Our opening GC league match played at Caversham went to the 13th hoop of the final game with the scores 2 games each and 6-6! Unfortunately, Caversham lost that hoop and, thus, the match 2-3. Congratulations to Rosemary Noel-Clarke and John Walker for their performances. And thanks to Margaret Robinson and Carol Jamieson who organised tea, coffee and sandwich lunches for the two teams.